I started trading with Bert and Gert’s about five years ago and their fantastic markets have opened up so many opportunities for me. As a complete novice market trader the first few months were a difficult learning curve but Mark and Jason were always on hand with encouragement and sound advice. The other traders are so friendly and we always look out for each other. Over the years Bert & Gert’s has proved a fantastic showcase for my artwork, opening up new outlets I would never have entertained and best of all I am now only working part time in the day job, something I could only have dreamed of a few years ago.

Working the atmospheric Black Country Museum Christmas market lead to a meeting with the museum and I have stocked their shop ever since. I have also met some memorable characters that have become good customers and friends.

Everybody has off days, but I have learned never to get demoralised when sales have been slow, you never know what may transpire months down the line. I have had loads of orders from people who have picked up flyers from my table at events and saved their purchase for a special occasion.

​TOP TIP always load your table with flyers/business cards with your contact details.