In the very beginning we started out making and selling our own jewellery. That then progressed into accessories to enhance the breadth of our range.

After numerous small local events we branched out into some ladies clothing. It was at which point  Swanky Js was born. Our ethos is to provide quality, individuality at a very competitive and affordable price. We now stock an extensive range of clothing, accessories and so much more.

We have had invitations from our clientele to attend private functions and charity functions and we can be booked for private house parties, bringing our range of products to you and your friends.

Most of our clothing is sourced from Italian and French origin and on some occasions is brought back by ourselves to procure the individuality. As our clientele has grown, Swanky Js spread its wings and we met Berts and Gerts whom were very receptive of Swanky Js.

Jason and Mark the owners of Berts and Gerts are very professional in their operation and assisted us in setting up Swanky Js on their markets.

Swanky Js is now entering its fourth year with Bert and Gerts and looking forward to many more years to come. They are a very forward looking company that look after their traders and customers. We feel they go that extra mile to ensure that all is safe and organised. It is because of their attention to detail and tenacity that working with them makes it feel like a family. A family which we are proud to be part of.

                Swanky Js ie Jayne and Tom wish Berts and Gerts ie Mark and Jason every success in their future ventures.